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MH Delima Sdn Bhd practices open discussion and knowledge transfer in project execution. Opinions and technical skills are taken into account to establish a successful project. We offer consultancy to identify all the steps needed to take: from sensors and communication protocols to cloud platforms required to successfully develop your application.

IoT (Internet of Things) devices and sensors collect data that can generate actionable insights. However, most organizations have difficulty understanding how IoT can improve their business, and they require help when launching IoT initiatives.


An IoT initiative has the potential to reduce company costs, optimize processes, and generate unique insights into the business or projects.

Are you are not knowledgeable enough on implementation of IoT to elevate the existing process?

Do you need recommendations about suitable and affordable products to be used in the project?

Are you thinking that IoT requires massive budget to be executed and implemented?

If these are your concerns regarding IoT, then we are here to help and give our best consultation. Our experts will share all their knowledge with you. Discover all the experience you need in the IoT with Nex-Plex.

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