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Project Customization

Project Customization

MH Delima Sdn Bhd supplies customization of IoT solution to fit your needs and improve your productivity by including IoT solutions that can provide greater performance, money savings and also comply with specific environmental regulations. If you cannot find the perfect and suitable solutions based on the products that we offer, afraid not! We are glad to help.

Nex-Plex, a Plug-and-Play IoT gateway provides a simple, open language for manufacturers to interact with their existing and new IoT devices. You can add IoT devices and device functionalities to cloud solutions.


A custom IoT solution takes into account the specificities of a project from the conceptualization phase through developing actual working solutions, deployment, and beyond. Custom IoT considers long-term potentials and developments. It makes sure that you have enough openness and elasticity to accommodate newer approaches.

Custom IoT solutions equip you with the needed freedom and flexibility to focus on your product development without distraction.

Motion Sensor

Sensor Integration

Nex-Plex offers flexibility in terms of communications and connectivity. Integration of new sensors to cover specific applications is achievable.


Custom Interface Design

Each and every projects require different parameters to be monitored and controlled. Thus, every projects has distinct design and functions. We are able to customized the designs based on your needs and taste.


Device Integration

Third party devices can be integrated to Nex-Plex as Nex-Plex is open-source based and that makes it flexible and user-friendly.


Project Scalability

Scalability is the capability of a service to adapt both to the constantly changing environment and to potential future requirements. We ensure that every projects meet its required project scalability without bringing any negative impact on performance and capabilities.

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