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We at MH Delima Sdn Bhd, not only the solutions provider for your IoT-related problems. We also practice knowledge transfer on educating and teaching the customers on how to operate their own Smart Solutions by Nex-Plex. After-project customized step-by-step training on IoT implementation Is given. This training is conducted by our very own experienced trainers from SEA-IC UiTM and MH Delima Sdn Bhd for hardware and software.

MH Delima Sdn Bhd and UiTM Sport Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Centre (SEA-IC) focus on knowledge sharing and practical training in order to give our customers the best experience in exploring the Internet of Things (IoT).


Our team of experts are glad to:

Teach everything you need to know on how to operate the devices and navigate the process, step by step.

Give training to teachers who want to innovate and refresh the educational content of their classes on IoT programming, development and functionality.

Educate on how to interact with sensors and communication modules by using Nex-Plex

In hope through the training provided by us, more people will take an interest and fully explore the world of IoT and produce more pioneer and technology lover in Malaysia and worldwide.

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