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Smart Building

Smart Building

What is IoT in Smart Building

Using IoT data to make a better decisions to improve tenant, employee, and management experiences. Smarter buildings can streamline business processes and expand profits with asset optimization, better facilities management and occupant safety. 

Application in Smart Building


Climate Control

Including temperature, humidity, vibration, etc. Authorized user are able to monitor and control the best indoor/office/room climate for comfortable environment


HVAC & Lighting Control

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as lighting, can be controlled automatically or manually by sensing the occupancy in indoor/office/room


Security & Access Control

Including cctv, alarm system, safety system and access for employee for better safety and employee tracking


Air Quality

Sense the air concentration of air particles. Contaminated air awareness helps society to take precautionary steps. It will also provide for remedial action by the appropriate authority.


Electrical Usage

Authorized user are able to monitor and manage electrical usage to perform data analysis on each room on the building


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