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What is IoT in Agriculture

IoT in agriculture uses drones, remote sensors, and computer imaging combined with continuously progressing machine learning and analytical tools for monitoring crops, surveying and mapping the fields, and provide data to farmers for rational farm management plans to save both time and money.

Application in Agriculture


Smart Fertigation

This automated fertigation system enables every grower to master fertigation at a professional level with accurate, uniform and precise in terms of timing and target areas; improved uptake of nutrients by plants.


Smart Irrigation

The IoT-based farming irrigation system plays a crucial role in agriculture sector, as to ensure crops are getting the right amount of water at the right time and making it easier for farmers to monitor and control water resources to meet demand


Smart Greenhouse

Automated greenhouse / IoT-based greenhouse gives you access to reporting, documentation, and other operational data that helps you analyze crop yield and pinpoint ways to improve yield and reduce crop loss.


Smart AgriDrone

Smart Surveillance uses agricultural drone, an unmanned aerial vehicle used to help optimize agriculture operations, increase crop production and monitor crop growth.


Smart Inventory Management

The warehouse inventory management system helps to maintain all the detailed product information and tells us in which stockroom the product is present. This is to avoid difficulty for users to locate any product , as users have to search manually in all available stockrooms.


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