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Smart Gaseous Monitoring @ Warning System – Bintulu F.D

Smart Gaseous Monitoring @ Warning System – Bintulu F.D

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Recently, MH Delima Sdn Bhd and SEA-IC UiTM has successfully installed 20 gas transmitters at Bintulu Port, Sarawak.

The purpose of this project is to monitor various gases and surrounding parameters, providing warning in the form of notifications and weather system by using IoT. These data will then be sent to the cloud to be monitored through PC and Nex-Plex customized mobile apps.

The gases and parameters that are being monitored are 〖𝑁𝐻〗_3, 𝑂_2, 〖𝐶𝐿〗_2, 𝐻_2 𝑆, LEL VOC, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Humidity, Temperature & Pressure. These transmitters are installed at 5 critical points which are Jetty DG Yard, Petrochemical, OBB Jetty, MP10 Jetty & Bintulu Port Fire Station.

The project has been a success and the first Nex-Plex Gas Monitoring System project in Sarawak.

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